What is a Sprinkler Blowout and Why Does It Matter?

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At A Greener South, we know that not everyone may be familiar with how to maintain sprinkler systems once they are installed, but we’re here to explain how it’s done for the winter. Winterization is an important part of keeping your sprinklers in good condition because even in climates that aren’t exceptionally cold, the water inside the system could freeze if it is not expelled before the weather starts to get colder. This freezing could cause the system’s components to burst, meaning you may have to deal with costly repairs.

What is a Sprinkler Blowout and Why Does It Matter?

Sprinkler blowouts, a major part of irrigation winterization, can prevent such issues. A sprinkler blowout is the last step in winterization. First, we shut off the main water supply and drain the water within the system. However, that’s not enough to remove all traces of water. This is the job of a sprinkler blowout, which involves attaching an air compressor to the irrigation system and blowing air at a high pressure into the pipes to force out any remaining water through the sprinkler heads. As a result, your sprinkler system will be in good shape once spring rolls around.

It’s important to trust our professionals with a sprinkler blowout because we have the right equipment and take the right safety precautions to complete the job properly. The pressurized air can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, but you can trust that our technicians have the proper training.

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