Irrigation Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Sprinkler System

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Setting up a sprinkler system for your home’s garden or yard comes with many benefits. It simplifies the yard maintenance process and saves you time that you’d have to spend on taking care of all of the watering on your own. However, coming up with the perfect irrigation design can be a challenge.

Irrigation Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Sprinkler System

Here are a few irrigation design tips to help you create the perfect sprinkler system for your home:

  • Make note of your yard’s features. Always make note of every feature in your yard. Large trees, walkways, and other features can influence where you’ll need to place your sprinkler system’s various components. You don’t want to just place your sprinkler heads without any thought. Otherwise, you may end up with sprinklers that are mostly watering your fence.
  • Determine what your needs are. Do you want to water your entire lawn? Do you have a small vegetable garden that you want to keep properly watered with a controlled irrigation system? Determining what your needs are is one of the most important irrigation design tips, as it’ll help you be more prepared once it comes time for the irrigation installation.
  • Consult with an irrigation expert. Don’t leave the irrigation design, installation, or any other needs regarding your irrigation system in your own hands. Our trained irrigation experts will help you determine the best layout for your system, as well as how to make sure each component is properly benefiting you and your property.

Here at A Greener South, we pride ourselves on helping people set up both residential and commercial irrigation systems, so if you’re wanting to install a sprinkler system for your property, be sure to reach out to our team today.